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Do I need to understand my language to be able to listen to it?

Enjoy hearing your new language

Even if you don't understand a lot of your new language yet, enjoy hearing it. Listen to it and her rhythm. Listen to songs, the radio. Try to grasp the meaning of the lyrics and check it on the internet to see how much you already understand. Take it one step at a time.

Is every excercise fit for me?

Practice in your own style

One person will find it easier to learn by listening to a language, while another will have to see the written words. Be sure to have a lot of variation in ways to practice, types of exercises, ... Just remember learning has to stay fun. Why don't you try to learn your new language by playing word games?

How do I know my spelling is correct?

Let others read your writing.

I know, it's scary to let others read your work. But find some penpals that speak your new language. Send them letters, postcards,... . Reply to forums, chat on the net, write e-mails or even start a website in your new language. Let the world know you're learning a new language and correct your spelling when needed.

What if I make a mistake?

Don't be afraid to make mistakes

When learning a new language it is normal that you will make mistakes. Try to practice in a 'safe' environment, a place you feel safe and with people you are comfortable with. They won't laugh when you make mistakes and will help you by correcting you.

What do I read?

Read, read and read

Do not only practice speaking a new language, but learn to read the foreign language. You can start with children's book in your new language, move on to books for youth, to continue to books of your own interest or books you have already read. Read websites in your new language or even a newspaper. Another benefit of reading a lot in your new language, is that you will be able to speed up your writing ability in this foreign language too. Try out that new recipe, that you found in your new language. Grab every chance to practice!

What is an easy way to build my vocabulary?

Watch TV

Watch television in your new language. See reruns of programs you have already seen in your own language or watch a movie on DVD with subtitles in your new foreign language. It doesn't matter if you don't understand every word, it's important you get the big picture. If you are able to do this, then you can start watching programs you haven't seen yet or watch a movie in a foreign language.

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