Setting Up an Optimal Learning Environment

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How do I create an optimal environment for learning languages?

Setting Up an Optimal Learning Environment

Independent learning expert Ronald Gross once observed that it's no accident that the word for independent learning--"study"--is also the name for a place. Your study environment is an important factor in your success learning a foreign language (or anything else, for that matter). Ideally, you want a spare room or even just a comfortable corner of your home or apartment. Get a comfortable office chair and table or desk and work on the area until you enjoy being there. You need quiet and an absence of distractions most of all. If you are learning languages using listen and respond audio lessons, you will probably want privacy as well. Most people feel self-conscious responding to language lessons out loud, but it's a critical part of an effective program. The main thing to remember is that people learn best when they feel comfortable and relaxed.



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