Setting Effective Goals for Language Learning

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How can setting goals help me succeed in learning a language?

Setting Effective Goals for Language Learning

Most people hate goal setting. Actually, what they hate is setting a goal and then realizing sometime later that they failed to meet that goal. There are things you can do to increase your chances of fulfilling your language learning goals. Incidentally, they also work pretty well for goals regarding any other aspect of your life. What are these secrets? Two things: First, always write down your goals. Write what your goals are, what you need to accomplish them, and exactly how you are going to do it. The more specific and detailed your notes, the better. Even if you think you understand your goals, the act of writing this down will help solidify it in your mind and may help you spot flaws in your plan. Second, find and enlist the aid of friends and associates to help you stay motivated or help you in other ways.



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