A foreign pen pal

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What is the advantage of corresponding with a foreign pen pal?

A foreign pen pal

Learning to write in a foreign language is a challenge, something many non-native speakers never really master. But exchanging letters with a foreign pen pal is a great way to practice and learn from a native. In exchange, you will receive letters from a foreign correspondent who wishes to improve their English. This is a kind of foreign exchange that helps all parties. Besides, having an acquaintance in a foreign land can be a useful thing to have in case you want to find out more about what is going on, and hear it from someone who is actually there. So where do you find foreign pen pals? Once again, the Internet comes to the rescue with lots of free services to help you find a letter buddy.



8/4/2006 1:56:17 PM
Dean Mc Dermott said:

I Like Football And Sports.I Am 13 Years old.I am a boy.

8/27/2007 8:05:34 PM
Phoebe Marie said:

Hello.. I am 14 years old from the Philippines. I'm Filipina and a 2nd year highschool student. I want to have friends abroad.

9/6/2007 5:20:31 AM
roya said:

I like having a pen pal in Iran to improve my German language


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