Subscribing to Foreign Magazines or Newspapers

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What advantages are there to subscribing to a foreign newspaper or magazine?

Subscribing to Foreign Magazines or Newspapers

If you want to really understand world events, you have to get a view from all sides. A foreign language newspaper can give you details on stories that get only modest coverage--or none at all--from the American press. If a major story is unfolding in a region where you know the language, reading the news from that area will give you many times the quantity and quality of information you're likely to get otherwise. In larger cities, better newsstands and university bookstores often carry a range of foreign newspapers. Sometimes larger public libraries also have them available. You can also subscribe, of course, and there are a lot of subscription web sites available that can hook you up with a newspaper or magazine in the language of your choice, or you can go to the publication's web site and often find lots of great content for free.



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